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Seme Ndzana

Seme Ndzana
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Seme J. Ndzana, CMHC intern, BCCC

Seme J. Ndzana is a Liberty University clinical mental health counselor intern pending LCPC licensure. He is a board-certified clinical chaplain who practices pastoral counseling in all states. He has over four years of clinical experience providing individual, family, and group pastoral care and counseling in hospitals, hospices, and mental health practices.

Seme’s interests in the field of counseling developed as he identified his calling to provide services to those in mental and spiritual crisis. People that need to restore their lost or unbalanced psychological stability, redefine their life meaning and direction, and improve their relationships with self, others, and the higher power have always triggered his empathetic drive to serve since age 20. People’s various struggles with pain have inspired him to devote his life to this field. He has demonstrated academic excellence in evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and follow-up in the process of providing individual, family, and group therapy to adults and adolescents.


Seme utilizes an integrated approach of affective, cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal techniques in helping overcome trauma, addiction, grief, and interpersonal crises. His eclectic multicultural, Adlerian pattern-focused, person-centered, Gestalt, and family theoretical orientation allows him to build rapport and develop with the client a goal for change, growth, and restoration to optimal wellbeing. Therapy helps people identify old affective, behavioral, and cognitive patterns that interfere with their ability to achieve their full lifestyle potential. Working through the emotions and thoughts related to these patterns allows a person to change, decrease their influence, and thereby increase the potential to achieve personal goals in life. 

Areas of expertise:


Relationship Issues

Spiritual Issues

Grief Work

Crisis Work




Family Issues

Life Transition

Men’s Issues

Adolescent Issues


Seme is being supervised by Carla Wisner, LCPC
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Seme Ndzana
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